The Importance of Training

Interview with Adolfo Gomez, Pump & Seal Trainer and Instructor

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc. - Reporting for Pump Engineer, Valve World, and Valve World Americas

Adolfo Gomez began his career working with agricultural irrigation. This led to hands-on work for chemical processing plants and oil refineries. His diverse experience developed into a passion for teaching and training young end users and sharing his more than three decades of knowledge and experience. Read the full story by following this link. 

Remote Problem Solving

RandyEstep03p cropped.jpeg
For Randy Estep, the bottom line is designing a safe, cost effective and reliable solution for the application— getting the right pump with the right seal to move a specific fluid for a specific reason. 

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content - Reporting for Pump Engineer

Randy Estep’s experience is deep and diverse. For nearly four decades he has done everything from designing, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment to ordering parts, analyzing bids and working directly with manufacturers and suppliers. This depth of experience prepared him to troubleshoot and make process and equipment improvements every day for Dow Chemical. “To be an expert, in my opinion, you need a wide range of experience combining both field support and project support,” he says. “Understanding the engineering fundamentals is very important. The value I bring to capital projects and designing new equipment is because I have experience on both sides of the fence.”  Read the full story.