No one knows how to develop editorial messages that matter for the industrial processing industries better than Michelle Segrest and her Navigate Content team.

As a professional journalist, Michelle has spent 30 years reporting about everything from sports to courts, lifestyles to business, politics to pastries, technical to travel.

While serving for eight years as editor-in-chief of an international pump magazine, she developed a special expertise for pumping systems and became a subject-matter expert. More important, she has a unique connection to the processing industries and with the people who design, engineer, manufacture, operate, and maintain the equipment. She writes articles with deep technical detail that also tell an engaging story about how technology solves problems for end users.

No other reporter in the industry has seen manufacturing at work as up-close-and-personal as Michelle Segrest.

She has toured manufacturing facilities in more than 75 cities, in 12 countries, and on three continents.

Her profile features on individuals who make a difference in the industry have become a popular staple for two major industrial trade journals.



Developing just the right content requires a deep understanding of the industry and a connection to the audience. Navigate Content has the ability and experience to create editorial messages that elevate your brand to the top of your industry.

With a flair for weaving marketing jargon with technical material, Navigate Content can create your e-newsletter, website content, and sales collateral that will deliver the perfect punch. And of course, developing technical articles and case studies that get published by the right magazines for the right audience is Navigate Content’s specialty.



Michelle Segrest has covered more than 150 industry events worldwide.

She has hosted podcasts and webinars and has been the keynote speaker at several industry conferences. She is as comfortable on a stage or with a microphone as she is in front of her laptop.

And with more than 15,000 social media followers, she can increase her coverage through her engaged digital audience.