Even as Michelle is a recognized and accomplished veteran in her trade, she’s perhaps the prototypical next-generation commercial communicator.
She’s not just smart, fearless, imaginative, engaging, and insightful, but also ‘new-media’ savvy enough to trend with the best of them.
Michelle possesses a killer hands-on ability to capitalize on opportunities and scoop ideas that the common old-school journalistic pack might overlook. Whether she is covering a trade event, building an association campaign or shaping a better environmental future, it’s her hard work and that courage of conviction to excellence that has distinguished Michelle to many of us in this industry.
— George Vorsheim, Director Marketing & Communications, Environment One Corporation
Michelle is a total professional who is proactive in providing editorial opportunities to key players in the market place. She keeps editorial content fresh and appealing to her magazine’s cross industry readers.
— John Beca, former Director of Communications, ITT Corporation
Michelle has demonstrated excellent coordination & communication among diverse individuals, groups and companies.
— William Neis, President, NorthEast Industrial Sales
Michelle is a dedicated and careful administrator and producer. She is willing to push the boundaries to get to new markets and new customers. She is also tireless; willing to travel internationally and is customer focused. She builds partnerships and long-term relationships. I highly recommend Michelle as a marketing professional and a journalist.
— Michael Dillon, President, SEEPEX, Inc.
Words are just that in the hands of regular people – words. But words that compel, invoke action and change are another. Michelle understands that words have power and have meaning. These are articulated in her insightful and experience driven editorial each month. Not unlike the physical blocking done in motion pictures – Michelle choreographs, no, I dare say orchestrates industry provocative themes into a clear and cogent message. These epistles provide the spark in the industry to evaluate the discussion well beyond rhetoric and serve as a common voice for us all. I will read her novels one day as I read her editorials today.
— Andy Martin, Director of Marketing, BestPumpWorks
I have known Michelle Segrest for many years having first worked with her in 2008 when she worked at Pumps and Systems Magazine. At the time I was being asked to consider becoming an Editorial Board Member for the magazine and expressed a number of my concerns about doing so due to the need for the magazine to become a stronger voice in the pump industry. Michelle committed to creating a better magazine and the results of her focus and commitment created a publication that truly became the “voice of the pump industry.” Michelle has vision, drive, integrity, and passion in what she does and I have never experienced anything but positive energy and professionalism from her. She and I have worked together on a number of projects and ideas and I have found her to be a great partner and a creative and intellectual sounding board. She has exceptional people skills, builds strong enduring relationships, and over delivers on her commitments. Michelle is one of those in my network with whom I will maintain a lifelong relationship. She has definitely earned my highest recommendation.
— Kerry Baskins, GM Americas, Accudyne Precision Flow Systems
I’ve worked closely with Michelle over several years and have found that she is very creative and an excellent communicator, both qualities that have served her well.

Michelle has a strong grasp of technology. She understands digital media and pushes the limits of creativity as she presents a company’s brand to its customers. She is very capable of providing marketing communications for all product lines in all markets.

Michelle has worked in cross-functional teams across a variety of marketing channels to promote branding through a variety of mediums including: print publications, e-blasts, mobile devices, and online platforms. Michelle is always ready to lend a helping hand to her teammates.

In closing, I’d like to restate my support for Michelle. She is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and smart. Everything you need to help your company find true success.
— Walt Erndt, Vice President & General Manager Municipal Group,Crane Co.