Pump Industry Heroes

The pump industry can never be accused of being a glamourous one. Nevertheless, individuals are often called on to perform vital and sometimes dramatic tasks in the midst of crisis and disaster – turning those participants into ‘unsung heroes.’

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc. - Reporting for World Pumps Magazine

Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And even without the power of invisibility, they often go unnoticed. They don’t wear a cape or possess super strength, but when disaster strikes, they load up powerful pump equipment and throw themselves directly into the eye of the storm to help those in need. Whether providing clean water to communities that don’t have it, or removing excess floodwater after a natural disaster, these pump industry professionals became heroes to communities in crisis. Follow this link to read about a few examples:

A Renaissance Maintenance Man

Saul Cizek uses a lifetime of experience and myriad interests to make a difference at a Virginia water-reclamation plant.

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology Magazine

For Saul Cizek, being a maintenance professional isn’t just a job — it’s a way of life. Every day makes a difference. “Maintenance keeps airplanes aloft, ships afloat, and bridges stable,” said Cizek, the lead maintenance planner at the Upper Occoquan Service Authority in Centreville, VA. “My current position has afforded me an opportunity to effect changes that will manifest in the conservation of precious resources, greater safety, and maintenance education.” Read the full story to find out how Cizek makes a difference at the Virginia Water Reclamation facility.