Virtual Planning Results in Efficient Design

In a huge expansion project, Uponor North America benefits from digital-twin technology and other tools to plan for current and future growth. 

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc. - Reporting for Efficient Plant Magazine

Jon Sillerud has spent half of his 30-yr. career managing new-growth projects for large manufacturing facilities. This experience has taught him valuable lessons about strategic planning. “Spending time in detailed planning is always time well spent,” said Sillerud, the vice president of operations for Uponor North America and executive leader for the biggest expansion project the company has ever undertaken. Follow this link to read the full article. 

Tiered Empowerment Drives PEX Reliability

The proactive efforts of the Uponor maintenance team power a strategy that keeps the machines running and maintains optimum PEX-piping quality.

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology

APPLE VALLY, Minnesota (September 22, 2015) - Experience, communication, constant improvement, and sustainable manufacturing practices are the building blocks of the maintenance strategy at Uponor North America. Empowerment is the core component. “Empowerment is given at every level to ensure that the problems are fixed early. This is how the whole four-tier system is designed,” maintenance manager Ron Berg explained. “Even at the lowest level, everyone gets involved, everyone has buy in, and everyone is empowered to make decisions. This keeps the entire team involved. It gives them ownership with the ability to contribute to the success of the maintenance goals.” Read the full story.