Solve Oil and Gas Pumping Problems

Experts describe some of the common maintenance issues that arise in oil and gas pumping systems, and demonstrate some of the ways to solve them.

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology

In some parts of North America, you can clearly see the oil and gas pumping industry hard at work. Fly over Texas and see a checkerboard of sucker-rod “donkey” pumps, nodding in unison, pulling up millions of barrels of oil from deep beneath the surface. At hydraulic fracturing sites, gigantic frac pumps dominate the landscape and shake the earth—splitting the mud, shale, and rock into bits with enormous pressure. That’s how oil corporations and service companies capture the elusive black gold buried deep inside—the material that literally fuels the multi-billion dollar oil and gas industry.

Read the full story and learn how maintenance experts keep these visible and hidden oil and gas pumps running efficiently.