Setting the New Pump Testing Standard

How Hydro, Inc. made history with the first Hydraulic Institute PTLA certification.

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for World Pumps Magazine

With an engineering first approach, Chicago’s Hydro, Inc., proves the impact of redesigned and engineered pumps by testing their real-time hydraulic and mechanical performance at its state-of-the-art Test Lab. It is in the 46,000-square-foot- facility that Hydro develops and implements engineering modifications for improving the performance of critical pumps and then verifies that performance in the lab. Thanks to high-quality capabilities in testing vertical, horizontal, and submersible pumps, Hydro made history in September 2015 by becoming the first recipient of full certification of the new Hydraulic Institute Pump Test Lab Approval program.

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Changing of the Guard

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Modern Pumping Today

PARSIPPANY, NY (January 20, 2016) - A focus on pump system optimization within the entire pumping system has become the strategic vision of the Hydraulic Institute. With the retirement of longtime HI Executive Director Robert Asdal, the direction of the standard-setting organization has shifted recently to reflect new leadership and a changing environment. After more than twenty-four years under Asdal’s leadership, his June 30, 2015, retirement represented a changing of the guard for HI as longtime association professional Michael Michaud took the reigns. Read the full story.