Michelle Segrest firmly believes in living life by a compass, not a clock! Her home office is on Plash Island in Gulf Shores, AL, but you won't find her there very often. She travels wherever there is an interesting story to be told, which could be anywhere on the planet. On this page, read about the cool places she has explored while tracking down compelling stories for her clients. #myofficetoday #lifeisanadventure #whyilovemyjob


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen's Hidden Gem Can Be Found in Christiana's Hippie Commune
Touring Copenhagen by bicycle, I thought we were on our way to see Denmark's crown jewels. Instead, we found an unexpected treasure when we turned onto Pusher Street.


Anywhere in the World

Free Adventures Off the Beaten Path               (Part 1)
The greatest free entertainment you can have while traveling, geocaching is a virtual treasure hunt that can lead you to unexpected adventures anywhere the world.


London, England

How to Survive the Wimbledon Queue                   in the Rain

Think it's easy to score Wimbledon tickets? Think again! Tennis fans can discover an adventurous treat and have a crackin' good time by trying the famous Queue!

Hurricane Katrina

10th Anniversary

Unsung Heroes

Pump Industry

Hurricane Sandy

Pumps in Action

Cost of Clean Water

Abu Dhabi

Gift of Clean Water

Wine to Water

Super Pumps

London's Lee Tunnel

Paris Sewers

Pump Evolution

World's Greenest Hotel

Copenhagen, Denmark

U.S. Open Tennis

Adventures from Row X

SEC vs Big Ten

College Football Rivalries

Thrill Rides

7 of the World's Best