Oil and Gas Trends

Pump suppliers discuss trends and challenges in the oil and gas industry involving smart technology, competitive delivery, and optimized equipment efficiency.

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc., Reporting for Maintenance Technology

Speed, portability, and reliability are key factors in optimizing production times and the bottom line in the oil and gas industry, according to experts from major pumping technology companies. Glenn Webb, senior product specialist for Blackmer, Grand Rapids, MI, a leading brand from PSG, (Oakbrook Terrace, IL) said that the most obvious positive manifestation of the ongoing oil and natural gas production boom in the United States can be seen on street corners across the nation. For the full article, please follow this link.

Closing the Talent Gap

As the reliability engineer for CountryMark, Cody David represents the new generation in an industry that continues to face the challenges of an aging workforce.

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc., - Reporting for Pump Engineer and Valve World Americas

With a decade of rotating equipment experience, Cody David works hard every day to do his part to help close the talent gap. He accomplishes this by soaking in the knowledge of those who came before him and applying the lessons learned in every project he tackles.

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Solve Oil and Gas Pumping Problems

Experts describe some of the common maintenance issues that arise in oil and gas pumping systems, and demonstrate some of the ways to solve them.

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology

In some parts of North America, you can clearly see the oil and gas pumping industry hard at work. Fly over Texas and see a checkerboard of sucker-rod “donkey” pumps, nodding in unison, pulling up millions of barrels of oil from deep beneath the surface. At hydraulic fracturing sites, gigantic frac pumps dominate the landscape and shake the earth—splitting the mud, shale, and rock into bits with enormous pressure. That’s how oil corporations and service companies capture the elusive black gold buried deep inside—the material that literally fuels the multi-billion dollar oil and gas industry.

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Culture Changed at this Indiana Refinery

A WorkPlace Excellence Program redefines the way CountryMark operates every day and makes maintenance take a back seat to reliability.

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology

For 73 years, the CountryMark maintenance team operated in a reactionary mode—and they were good at it. In a crucially competitive market, the Mount Vernon, IN, oil refinery leadership team realized the operation needed a complete overhaul to streamline processes, get control of inventory, and optimize workflow. Through a carefully conceived and well-executed plan, it is making a 180-degree switch to a predictive and preventive structure that has already increased production, decreased equipment failure, and saved costs. To find out how the CountryMark team achieved this goal and implemented the program, read the full story