Creative Craftsmanship

Kreinik continues to invent new ways to breathe life into old machinery.

By Michelle Segrest, Navigate Content, Inc. - Reporting for Efficient Plant Magazine

If Martin Ankrom has a super power, it is in breathing new life into old equipment. Similar to how he keeps his 1950 Ford pickup truck running like new, he finds a way to resuscitate old machinery every day as the maintenance engineer at Kreinik Manufacturing Co. Inc., in Parkersburg, WV. “If you have the ability to look inside the equipment and see that it’s jammed, or old, or deviated, there is always a way to fix it,” Ankrom said. “You can never give up on it or it will beat you.” Ankrom works like a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein. He throws nothing away and has a large warehouse full of spare parts from microwaves, old motors, broken computers, and even pencil sharpeners. It’s his “Spare Parts Mall,” and he goes shopping every day. To read the full story, follow this link.